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Deep pockets were a factor
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The family of the late Roger Kreutz filed a lawsuit in St. Louis over the fatal head injuries he received when a car knocked him down in a Starbucks parking lot in 2008.
The driver was Aaron Poisson, who was trying to get away from Kreutz, but Poisson was not sued. According to the lawsuit, the cause of the fatal injury was negligence by Starbucks — because it had mindlessly placed its tip jar in full view on a counter.
Thus, according to the theory of the lawsuit, it was goading Poisson into snatching up the money and running out the door, and inspiring Kreutz, as a good Samaritan, to chase Poisson and try to retrieve the employees’ tips.
Just stick
with the
creepy angle
News of the Weird reported in November on the studly senior Shigeo Tokuda, 76, the still-reigning star of Japanese “elder porn” that features older men performing with women young enough to be their granddaughters.
In April, “Dave Cummings,” 71, the best-known older American porn actor, was scheduled for induction into the X-Rated Critics Organization’s Hall of Fame (along with eight younger stars).
Like Tokuda, Cummings, a former U.S. Army officer who changed careers at age 54, claims almost never to need Viagra for his movies (except, he says, for back-to-back scenes or when working with a difficult director).
Said one industry insider (describing Cummings’ style), “He bridges the gap between ‘creepy uncle’ and the person the creepy uncle wanted to be.”
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