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Guess what? Beer is booze
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The lower house of Russia’s parliament approved legislation to classify beer, for the very first time, as an alcoholic beverage.
Traditionally, because of the dominance of the vodka industry, beer has been regarded as closer to a soft drink. Some gas
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The government of Malawi’s proposed environmental control legislation, was thought by some advocates to be broad enough to criminalize flatulence.
The justice minister said the section about “fouling the air” should cover extreme flatus, but the country’s solicitor general insisted that only commercial air pollution was punishable.
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Only 20 percent of Cambodians have access to toilets — half as many as have mobile phones — and missions such as International Development Enterprises blanket the countryside to urge more toilet usage.
In one promotion campaign in Kandal province, an investigating team called a public meeting and singled out (“amid much laughter”) one particular farmer whom it had calculated as producing the most excrement of anyone in the village.
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