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He should, allegedly, have more sense
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Murder suspect Earle Barranco, 24, was arrested in Charlotte, N.C., three weeks after allegedly killing a man in a New York City diner.
Barranco was spotted at a Charlotte Bobcats basketball game, mugging for the arena’s JumboTron while decked out in the distinctive jewelry he wore during the alleged murder.
At the next Bobcats game a few days later, with police monitoring that same seat, Barranco was arrested.
At least
he had
pride in
his work
Dennis Davis, 40, and his wife were convicted in Britain’s Staines Magistrates’ Court of manufacturing a line of pirated music CDs.
Davis initially denied ownership of the pirated stash but was unable to explain why the CDs bore his company’s label with his own photo on it.
they said
In August, 2001, Naples, Fla. City Councilman Fred Tarrant demanded that local artist Ted Lay’s “Famous Tongue Mona Al Monica” painting (side-by-side impressions of Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein and Monica Lewinsky sticking their tongues out) be removed from its place at a Naples municipal art center because he thinks Lewinsky’s “tongue” too much resembled a male sex organ (which Lay denied).
According to a Naples Daily News report, Tarrant is in fact blind but said various “advisers” assured him that the tongue resembled a penis.
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