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He should have added his address
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Face tattoos are still a handicap for criminals.
Royce Spottedbird Jr., 23, apparently once thought it cool to have his name tattooed on his neck.
However, when he was pulled over in a routine traffic stop in Butte, Mont., and feared a warrant might be out on him, he gave the officer a bogus name.
When he could not explain what “Royce Spottedbird Jr.” was doing on his neck, he was detained for obstruction of justice and eventually pleaded guilty.
And he was wrong about the warrant.
She’ll try again
when he’s 40
News of the Weird has reported on several mothers’ desires to prolong breast feeding past the culturally normal age, some continuing well after the child’s sixth birthday.
The issue flared again this summer in Melbourne, Australia, when a 6-year-old boy’s birth mother (who had relinquished the child as an infant) used breast feeding as a strategy to try to wrest him away from the care takers who had raised him.
During sanctioned visitations with the child, the birth mother had pressured the boy to suckle, but he rebelled, and the care taker obtained a judicial order against further breast feeding.
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