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Heres why were in trouble
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Tippecanoe County, Ind. judge Loretta Rush, interviewed by the Journal & Courier of Lafayette, Ind., underscored parental drug use as a major risk factor in a child’s drifting into substance abuse.
“I had a case where a child was born with drugs in his system,” recalled Rush.
“Both parents were using. We were looking for placing the child in any relative’s home, but both sets of grandparents were using. So the great-grandmother’s in the courtroom, and I had asked her if she would pass a drug screen, and she said she would not.”
Danged if you do,
danged if you don’t
In June, officials of California’s Alvord Unified School District announced that their brand-new, $105 million high school, Hillcrest, would remain unused for the coming school year —and perhaps beyond — because the budget-strapped state does not have $3 million to run the school for a year.
In any event, it costs $1 million per year just to maintain the building to prevent its deterioration.
It’s full-circle
A Mumbai, India, company, Aegis Communications, announced that it will hire about 10,000 new employees to work in its call centers fielding customer service problems for U.S.-based companies.
However, those jobs are not in India.
Aegis will outsource those jobs to Americans, at $12 to $14 an hour, at nine call centers in the United States.
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