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I know an old lady who swallowed a fly ...
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The journal “Endoscopy,” reported by three physicians at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia: A 52-year-old woman undergoing a routine colonoscopy was shown on the screen to have a cockroach in her traverse colon.
A literature review revealed no previous cases of cockroaches — but included ants, wasps and bees.
Though the cockroach was not welcome, the doctors acknowledged that in some other countries, they are delicacies.
Yeah, this was
a Warner Bros.
cartoon once 
A team of whimsical researchers at the University of Osaka (Japan) Graduate School of “Frontier Biosciences” has produced a strain of mice prone to “miscopying” DNA — making them susceptible to developing sometimes-unexpected mutations, such as their recently born mouse that tweets like a bird.
Lead researcher Arikuni Uchimura told London’s Daily Mail that he had expected to produce, instead, a mouse with an odd shape, but the “singing mouse” emerged.
Previously, the team produced a mouse with dachshund-like short limbs.
Packin’ fannies
ain’t cheap no more   
During New York City’s Fashion Week, “fanny packs” made a comeback — though certainly not under that name — according to a Wall Street Journal report.
They were ranging in price from a $325 Diane von Furstenberg to an Hermes “Kelly Bandeau” model, expected to sell for $4,675.
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