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It feels (YAWN) just great
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Two hundred boredom “activists” gathered in London at James Ward’s annual banal-palooza conference, “Boring 2010,” to listen to ennui-stricken speakers glorify all things dreary, including a demonstration of milk-tasting (in wine glasses, describing flavor and smoothness), charts breaking down the characteristics of a man’s sneezes for three years, and a PowerPoint presentation on the color distribution and materials of a man’s necktie collection from one year to the next.
Another speaker’s “My Relationship With Bus Routes” seemed well-received, also.
Observed one attendee, to a Wall Street Journal reporter: “We’re all over stimulated. I think it’s important to stop all that for a while and see what several hours of being bored really feels like.”
Ol’ Shep
has done
shuffled off
his mortal coil
The Key Underwood Memorial Graveyard near Cherokee, Ala., is reserved as hallowed ground for burial of genuine coon dogs, which must be judged authentic before their carcasses can be accepted, according to a report in The Birmingham News.
The Tennessee Valley Coon Hunters Association must attest to the dog’s having had the ability “to tree a raccoon.”
In March, a funeral for one coon dog at Key Underwood drew 200 mourners.
Is it
Safety Harbor, Fla., trailer-park neighbors Joe Capes and Ronald Richards fought, with sheriff’s deputies called, and Capes arrested for assaulting Richards.
The two were arguing over whether the late country singer Conway Twitty was gay.
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