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It turns out, shoes aren't art after all
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Scottish artist Jane Forbes, 47, won the “Shoe Is Art” competition in Dundee with a work, “Ad Infinitum,” that a University of Dundee spokesman called “awe-inspiring.”
Forbes painted (and photographed) the same pair of shoes every day for 66 consecutive days, hypothesizing that subtle differences in her “mood” would be detectable in any variations in the paint jobs.
State officials
destroy happy
Salt Lake County Utah corrections officer Robert Monson, 38, was charged with having sex with a female he had met while she was in lockup. According to the woman, the couple’s trysts were not impeded by her ankle monitor, which Monson insisted was “sexy.”
In fact, shortly after the monitor was removed, the relationship ended.
This is
just embarassing
A 50-year-old man was charged with indecent exposure near Yakima, Wash., when he jumped in front of a woman, genitals exposed, but otherwise dressed in a diver’s wet suit, mask and bright orange gloves.
On second thought,
just forget it
India’s legal system is notoriously among the world’s most leisurely paced.
In New Delhi, back in 1990, four men (ages 82, 71, 63 and 62) were acquitted of accusations that they defrauded a government-run transport company by buying bogus motor parts.
The men had been charged with the crime in 1955 (when they were, respectively, 47, 36, 28 and 27 years old), and the trial began in 1957. Hearings continued, off and on, for 33 years before Judge V.B. Gupta concluded in 1990 that the government had failed to prove its case.
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