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Killer of three sues victim's estate
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Justine Winter, 17 — who was badly injured in a car crash in Flathead County, Mont., in March, 2009 — has filed a lawsuit against the pregnant driver, whom she had hit and killed (along with the woman’s 13-year-old son, not to mention her unborn child).
However, the local prosecutor has already charged Winter with two counts of homicide, based on text messages she had sent her estranged boyfriend minutes before the crash.
“If I won you,” she texted, “I would have you ... and I wouldn’t crash my car.”
Also: “That’s why I’m going to wreck my car. Because all I can do is ---- up. Because I am a terrible person, and I know it.”
Also: “Good bye ... my last words.”
That was then.
Now-a-days, Winter says the woman she hit was driving negligently and that construction companies failed to maintain the roadway properly.
It’s the scabs
leading the scabs
At a rally in Washington, D.C., denouncing employers who hire nonunion carpenters, many of the chanting protesters were nonunion day workers hired by the carpenters’ union to make the demonstration look bigger, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
Don’t organize
our organization
Jim Callaghan, a long-time writer on the headquarters staff of the United Federation of Teachers, was fired after trying to organize his colleagues into their own union local.
Callaghan said that UFT staff deserve the same protections as the teachers they represent.
A UFT spokesman said most UFT employees are already unionized. 
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