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Maybe he shouldnt have kept records
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Doug Guetzloe, one of central Florida’s most prominent political operatives — and a subject of investigations by the Florida Elections Commission and an expressway commission in Orlando — had long infuriated prosecutors with his slippery denials of knowledge of unethical campaigns that they were certain he was deeply involved in.
However, late in 2006 Guetzloe missed a payment on his rental storage locker, and 50 boxes of his professional and personal records were seized and auctioned for $10 to a curious citizen, who then gave them to the media, which had several earlier investigations of Guetzloe still open.
Based on early readings of the storage-locker papers, Guetzloe was quickly indicted for felony perjury.
It was the
that threw
him into fits 
Tihomir Petrov, 43, a mathematics professor at California State University Northridge, was charged with misdemeanors for allegedly urinating twice on the office door of a colleague with whom he had been feuding.
Petrov was identified by a hidden camera installed after the original puddles turned up.
Petrov is the author of several scholarly papers, with titles such as “Rationality of Moduli of Elliptic Fibrations With Fixed Monodromy.”
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