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Maybe they work for Gillette
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Sheriff’s deputies in Bergholz, Ohio, arrested three Amish men and charged them in incidents in which other Amish men and women had their homes invaded and their hair — and men’s beards — cut off, which are grave insults.
The three are part of an 18-family break-away sect of Amish who were said to be exacting revenge upon main-stream Amish for insufficiently pious behavior.
The “bishop” of the breakaways, Sam Mullet, 65, denied the arrestees were acting under his authority.
he didn’t
let them
bite him   
“Snakeman” Raymond Hoser, of Park Orchards, Australia, was about to be fined for violating his Commercial Wildlife Demonstrator License — by failing to keep at least three meters’ distance between his venomous snakes and the public —  when he hit upon a defense.
He would prove that he had de-venomized the deadly taipan and death adder snakes by allowing them to bite his 10-year-old daughter on the arm.
Though both bites drew blood, the girl was otherwise unhurt.
Said Hoser, “If they’d been venomous, she’d have been dead in two minutes.”
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