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No fear of him being average
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Mark Richardson, 21, of Oklahoma City is the most recent con man to seek care givers to attend to him intimately as he dresses in a diaper, feigns autism and claims to require constant care.
Richardson’s mother admitted to The Oklahoman newspaper that her son is “not your average, everyday, walking-the-street citizen.”
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The epicenter of California’s January, 1994 “Northridge” earthquake was five miles from the United States’s then-largest egg farm, where hens had produced their usual 1 million eggs in the hours before the quake hit.
The damage to the farm was a snapped water line, toppled empty egg pallets and a total of one broken egg.
Said manager Robert Wagner to his employees, “We had a 6.6 earthquake that broke less eggs than you guys do when we’re working.”
“H.S.,” a high school cheerleader in Silsbee, Texas, claimed sexual assault in October 2008 by a classmate-athlete, who a year later was indicted (and pleaded guilty to simple assault, receiving a suspended sentence).
In February 2009, while the attacker was still denying culpability, H.S., though cheering for the team at a basketball game, refused to specifically cheer for her attacker and was kicked off the squad.
A federal judge and appeals court subsequently ruled that H.S. had no right to withhold her cheering — though the attacker’s right to falsely claim innocence remained inviolate.
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