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Oh boy, let's eat some more dirt
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Edible “dirt” has recently appeared on the menus of several of the world’s most renowned restaurants (e.g., the top-rated Noma in Copenhagen, Shakuf in Tel Aviv, Gilt in New York City).
“People are really wowed to see dirt on their plates,” said Gilt’s head chef.
Actually, the “dirt” only looks and feels like dirt.
Each chef creates signature tastes from dried or charred powders with the appearance and consistency of sand, soil or ash — from a base of plants, vegetables or eggs, or even dried beer.
Said a reviewer, “These chefs are reminding people where food actually comes from.”
Now they can
got back to
electing only
the popular kids  
Until last August, Nettleton Middle School near Tupelo, Miss., had a strict policy for election of class officers for 6th-, 7th- and 8th-graders:
Only white students could be president, and only black students could be vice president.
Other officers were segregated by race, as well.
Officials explained that it was one way to assure black representation even though three-fourths of the students are white.
A school memo was leaked to The Smoking Gun website in August, and a day later the school district rescinded the policy.
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