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Really, I dont want them back!
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‘Really, I don’t want them back!’
Parkridge Medical Center in Chattanooga, Tenn., apologized and paid the bill in June for exhuming the body of the recently deceased Kenneth Manis.
The man who had shared Mr. Manis’ hospital room during his final days had reported that his dentures were missing, and the hospital determined that they had been mistakenly buried with Mr. Manis.
Bet their
dads would
help him out
Toshihiko Mizuno, 55, was arrested in Tokyo after three girls, ages 9 and 10, reported that he had talked them into spitting for him so that he could record it on video, to assist with “research” he was doing on “saliva.”
Police later discovered 26 videotapes, featuring about 400 young girls spitting.
According to local media sources, Mizuno has had the obsession for 17 years, successfully getting at least 500 girls to spit, among the estimated 4,000 he propositioned.
Surely they
won’t notice   
Eric Cogan, 33, was arrested in Port St. Lucie, Fla., after (according to police) presenting a holdup note to a teller at a TD Bank.
To get to the teller, Cogan walked right by a sheriff’s cruiser parked in front of the bank and a deputy in uniform seated inside the bank’s entrance.
At least he
was tidy
Matthew Hudleston, 33, pleaded guilty in Mobile, Ala., to robbing a Regions Bank, using a holdup note that mentioned a gun.
He got away but was arrested after he returned a few minutes later to ask for the holdup note back.