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Santa must have gotten the trick by now
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A 49-year-old Bakersfield, Calif., doctor, whose relationship with her boyfriend was described as “on-again, off-again,” was killed when, after he had locked her out of his house, she tried to enter by sliding down the chimney, where she got stuck and asphyxiated.
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A 29-year-old man, in a group of 12 “ghost hunters” on a field trip in Iredell County, N.C., was killed by a speeding train.
The 12 were investigating a rumored “ghost train” that killed 30 people in an 1891 crash and supposedly returns every year on the anniversary date. It was
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News of the Weird reported in December, 2002 that Inga Kosak had won the first World Extreme Ironing Championship in Munich by pressing a designated garment over a course of several ironing stations (e.g., ironing in trees, in the middle of streams).
An October 2003 Wall Street Journal story shows the “sport” growing in prominence. South African Anton Van De Venter, 27, broke the high-altitude record by ironing his national flag at the 20,000-foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, while nude, in freezing temperatures (quote: “I came, I saw, I pressed a crease”), and British diver Ian Mitchell sawed through ice in Wisconsin and submitted photos of himself in a wet suit “ironing” (with a Black & Decker Quick ‘n’ Easy) a shirt that was braced against the underside of the ice.
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