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So, it wasnt a real escape
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Inmate Carlos Medina-Bailon, 30, who was awaiting trial on drug-trafficking charges in El Paso, Texas, escaped in July by hiding in the jail’s garbage-collection system.
Medina-Bailon’s body was found later the same day under mounds of trash in a landfill.

There are no second chances with a gun   
Men who accidentally shot themselves recently:
• Robert Stewart, 55, a police academy instructor, during class (Liberty Township, Ohio)
• Lazaro Flores, 50, practicing quick-draw at his girlfriend’s house (Cape Coral, Fla.)
• Michael Webb, 22, showing friends how to disarm a gunman (Camp Lejeune, N.C.)
• Michael Randall Jr., 19, outside a convenience store, preparing to rob it (Athens, Ga.)
• Vincent Medina, 19, waistband-as-holster mismanagement — hit in the groin (Fontana, Calif.)
• Brandon Boyce, 24, waistband-as-holster mismanagement — hit in the groin (Omaha, Neb.)

Not sayin’ nuthin’
The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in June 1992 on the local “Silent Meeting Club,” consisting of people who gather at various spots around town and make it a point not to speak to each other. Founder John Hudak said his inspiration was his observation that people often feel obligated to talk when they really have nothing to say, such as at parties, and wondered how nice it would be “to have a group of people where you wouldn’t have to talk.” Hudak was interviewed at lunchtime in a downtown park, with several of his fellow members nearby, not talking.