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That seems sort of high for used equipment
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Filipino Henson Chua, working in the U.S., was indicted for illegally bringing back into the country an American-made military spy plane and openly offering it for sale for $13,000 on eBay.
Sophisticated equipment such as the RQ-11B “Raven” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle requires high-level government approval to prevent acquisition by U.S. enemies.
It’s almost like
she didn’t
really want it
Lisa Osborn was one of only two candidates who qualified to run for the two vacant seats on the Bentley, Mich. Board of Education, yet she did not win.
One vote would have put her on the board, but she got none (having been too busy even to vote for herself that day because of her son’s baseball game).
It’s a
Monika Strub began campaigning for a state parliament seat in Germany as a member of the Left Party.
Until 2002, Strub, then “Horst Strub,” was with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party, but then decided he was really a female, underwent surgery and became Monika, a socialist.
Not surprisingly, she has been harassed by some of her former colleagues.
He probably
could have
just walked
The perp made it easy on the cops in Joliet, Ill.
Domonique Loggins, 21, was running from two Joliet officers — suspected of assaulting his girlfriend — when his escape took him through Bicentennial Park downtown.
Obviously unknown to him, dozens of police officers from surrounding jurisdictions were in the park that day on a training session (with 60 squad cars in a parking lot).
Loggins was arrested.  
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