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Thats just the cross hell have to bear
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Thomas Cavender, 60, of Bessemer City, N.C., pleaded unsuccessfully with a judge to remove him from the National Sex Offender Registry, to which he had been assigned as part of his sentence in 2000 for molesting a third-grade girl.
Cavender told the judge that he had become a preacher and evangelist and that it “hurts my ministry when you’re in the pulpit, and someone goes to the computer, and there you are.”
they’d like
the mess back 
Two police constables in North London, England, threatened Louise Willows with arrest for criminal damage and forced her to clean her artwork from a city sidewalk.
Willows had cleared off 25 deposits of droppings that dog-walkers had failed to remove and in their place drawn pink cupcakes in chalk — with a nearby message, “Dog owners: Please clear up your dog’s mess. Children walk here.”
So, was that
the wrong thing
for him to do?
Jonathan Avery, 31, was arrested in Benson, N.C. for hitting his son, 6, on the head with a spoon, drawing blood with a cut that became infected. Hospital personnel treating the kid called police, as Avery had apparently attempted to suture the wound with fishing line.
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