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The pink wig was especially scary
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Widely-feared Jamaican drug king pin Christopher “Dudus” Coke was arrested this summer and extradited to New York City, after being picked up wearing women’s clothes and a 1970s-style Afro wig — too small for his head, with a pink wig on standby.
The Jamaica Observer reported that Coke wet his pants as he was arrested.
Maybe they can
decide in prison
Long time South African drug lord Fadwaan “Fat” Murphy — speaking at a bail hearing in Cape Town — disclosed that he was born a hermaphrodite and has a separate identity (“Hilary”) which became relevant when arresting officers discovered that Murphy was wearing a strap-on set of male genetalia.
Nonetheless, he insists he is a man: “I look like a man. I talk like a man. I am a man.”
He may be
in the wrong
line of work 
British farm worker Mick Wilary, 58, was hospitalized after machinery crushed both his legs.
According to the Daily Telegraph, Wilary has also had his ankles broken (twice), ribs cracked, finger cut off, head split open, collarbone broken and fingers broken, and been stabbed, and been frequently kicked by livestock.
Imagine, they
wanted some ID
Justin Johnson, 21, was arrested in Bloomfield, Ind., after failing to get a Bloomfield State Bank branch to cash his bogus check for $1 million, which he presented to a teller in the bank’s drive-through window.
Optimistic, he had handed over his driver’s license for ID along with the check.
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