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There ought to be a law
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State law in Tennessee prohibits registered sex offenders from re-contacting their victims, but there is no such restriction on anyone convicted of a sex crime before 2007, and still in prison, but who is not yet on the registered list.
Post-2007 sex criminals are automatically registered upon conviction.
Consequently, convicted molester Terry McConnell cannot be prevented from mailing birthday cards to one of his two pre-2007 victims.
One read: “I cannot believe my little tot-tot is already a teenager. You might be tired of me writing this, but I can’t get over how fast you are growing up.”
Prison officials say their limited resources are better used on monitoring incoming mail rather than outgoing.
How do
you cook
a rodeo? 
Senior Houston police officer Mike Hamby, 51, was suspended after witnesses reported that he, off-duty and not in uniform, had tossed a tear-gas grenade into a group of rivals in a rodeo cooking contest.
Hamby has 30 years’ service and was a member of his union’s board of directors.
About 300 teams compete in the barbecue cook-off, and police were investigating whether Hamby was merely trying to sabotage a competitor’s food.
Hey, y’all
watch this   
Timothy Walker, 48, was hospitalized in Burlington, N.C., after he fell off of an SUV while he was on top, holding down two mattresses for the driver, who apparently rounded a curve too fast.
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