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There really is honor among thieves
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Marissa Mark, 28, was indicted in Allentown, Pa., for hiring a hit man in 2006 via the then-active website
She agreed to pay $37,000 to have a California woman killed.
Prosecutors have not revealed the motive.
Mark allegedly made traceable payments through the PayPal service.
In recent years, PayPal has righteously refused to process transactions involving online gambling or the WikiLeaks document dumps, but in 2006 it did, in fact, handle payments for
The hit man site was run by an Egyptian immigrant, who told the Las Vegas Sun in 2008 that he would never contract for murder — but sought to make money by double-crossing clients and alerting (for a fee) the intended victims.
Hey, you’ve
got to get
cabbage drained
The local board of health closed down the Wing Wah Chinese restaurant in South Dennis, Mass., briefly in August of 1992 for various violations.
The most serious, said officials, was the restaurant’s practice of draining water from cabbage by putting it in cloth laundry bags, placing the bags between two pieces of plywood in the parking lot, and driving over them with a van.
Said Health Director Ted Dumas, “I’ve seen everything now.”
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