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Theres a storm coming all right
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Earlier this year a baby was born to Canadians Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, but seven months later, they still have not revealed to family or friends whether little “Storm” is a boy or a girl.
The couple are intending to raise Storm free of gender-specific cultural stereotypes (i.e., such things as domesticity, aggressiveness, preferences for arts or mathematics) because society tends to overvalue “boy” norms.
On a larger scale, in Stockholm, according to an Associated Press dispatch, the 33 Swedish preschoolers at the Egalia school socialize in daily environments scrubbed of all gender references.
For example, boys and girls alike play with kitchen toys and building materials, and when playing “family,” parental roles are interchangeable.
Critics say the children will be left unprepared for the “real” world.
Who is robbing
who, anyway?
Bruce Damon, attempting to work a plea bargain in February, 1992 to charges that he knocked off a bank in Whitman, Mass., argued to the judge that the 8- to 15-year term suggested by the prosecutor was way too long.
Damon cited an article from the Brockton Enterprise newspaper showing that the bank had enjoyed record earnings in the months after the robbery and expected to continue doing well.
Said Damon, “I didn’t hurt this bank at all.” 
When the judge asked Damon if he would rob banks again if he were free, Damon replied, “I’d like to plead the Fifth Amendment on that.”
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