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This guy just can't win for losing
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David Winkelman, 48, was arrested in Davenport, Iowa, on a misdemeanor warrant, still sporting “The Tattoo.”
In late 2000, Winkelman, reacting to a radio “contest,” had his forehead inked with the logo of radio station KORB, “93 Rock,” because he had heard on-air personalities “offer” $100,000 to anyone who would do it.
Winkelman had the tattoo done before checking, however, and the disk jockeys later informed him that the “contest” was a joke.
Winkelman filed a lawsuit against the station, but it was dismissed.
Ten years later, the “93 Rock” format has expired, but Winkelman’s forehead remains busily tattooed.
Ooh, let’s
all be
more like
For most of 2010, California’s dysfunctional legislature could find no acceptable tax increases or spending cuts to keep the state from going broke, and only in October did it manage to cobble together enough pie-in-the-sky bookkeeping tricks to create the illusion of a balanced budget.
Nonetheless, the legislature has been busy.
It created a “Motorcycle Awareness Month” and a “Cuss Free Week;” considered changing the official state rock; and made it illegal to use non-California cows in the state’s marketing materials — a decision that entailed five committee votes and exhausted eight legislative analyses.
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