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Yep, that would be burglary all right
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Timothy James Chapek, 24, was charged with burglary after he broke into a house in Portland, Ore., and took a shower.
Unknown to him, the resident was in another part of the house and came, with his two German shepherds and a gun, to confront Chapek through the closed bathroom door, while calling 911.
Fearing the dogs and the gun, Chapek simultaneously dialed 911 himself, begging that officers come quickly and arrest him.
Chapek, later released on bond, was re-arrested two days later in Chehalis, Wash., while, according to police, loading shoplifted goods into a stolen car.
Here’s another
Michael Trias, 20, was arrested in Mesa, Ariz., after a botched residential burglary.
According to police, Trias had come in through a window but had landed in a clothes basket made of PVC and netting, and become entangled.
His flailing attempts to free himself alerted the homeowner.
None of that
‘rogue’ stuff
around here
New York City gallery began offering classes in “anthropomorphic taxidermy,” described as a “Victorian hobby” in which mouse carcasses are not only meticulously cleaned and stuffed, but outfitted in handmade miniature 19th-century clothing, such as bloomers.
British practitioners are said to have created elaborate scenes featuring scores of the costumed bodies.
Class instructor Susan Jeiven said the mice have to look “classy.”
“I don’t like rogue taxidermy.”
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