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You'd think they would know better
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A Treasury Department inspector general reported this summer that, out of 2.6 million applicants for federal mortgage relief, 14,000 “home buyers” wrongly received tax credits and that in fact, 1,300 of them were living in prison at the time of filing, including 241 serving life sentences. Sixty-seven of the 14,000 received tax credits for the same house, and 87 more potentially fraudulent tax-credit applications were filed by Internal Revenue Service employees.
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California requires that if a sex offender’s GPS tagging device signals that he’s in a prohibited area, parole agents must immediately respond, but that law was easier to pass than to implement.
As of June, according to a San Diego Union-Tribune investigation, the state had fallen about 31,000 responses behind.
Get it?
He was ‘unarmed!’
Manuel “Lefty” Hernandez, 28, was charged in Springfield, Mass., with snatching a man’s wallet (which he probably did with his left hand, which is his only hand).
If he had had a weapon, police could have charged him with a felony, but it was only a misdemeanor because Hernandez was unarmed.
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