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Reality check: Demand responsible tax spending
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To the editor:

Children are a true wonder of nature, a wonderful gift to be treasured and protected at all cost. But what we need is responsible parenting and responsible budgeting by the school administrators. Not more tax burden on our property owners. We need to stop using our kids as pawns to get what we want and start using what we have in a more responsible way for what the kids need.

The extravagant spending needs to stop. We are spending money on things that have no educational value. We are raising kids like we would raise a litter of puppies that are soft and cuddly and a lot of fun to play with but in reality they are much more.

Kids are our future they are our greatest national treasure and should be treated as such. Not as warm and cuddly play things. We don’t need free day care in the guise of free preschool. We don’t need more play space. We need protection and responsible education. It is time for the voters to wake up to the facts.

Too many people think that because they are renters that the higher taxes will not affect them. Nothing could be further from the truth. When the property owner has to pay more taxes, they will pass it on to you by raising your rent. That is the real world.

Wake up voters it is time for a reality check. And instead of more taxes demand more responsible spending. Understand that when the tax is voted in it will never go away and in many cases it wont be spent the way it was intended. I remember when Washington school was declared as unsafe and closed. Money was dedicated to tearing it down. It sat empty for a while and then all at once it was safe again as if a miracle happened. Then they got more money to repair it and reopen it.

Now they want more money to do more work on a building that was slated for demolition because it was unsafe. How many times are we going to be taxed for the same project? I can tell you that as long as you keep giving them what they want they will keep spending it. And will continue to ask for more.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend