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Regardless of stand on COVID, respect others
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To the editor:

I’m sure it’s not news to anyone that COVID is making a resurgence, particularly the delta variant. From what I understand, this was expected. Our leading experts encourage us to continue practicing COVID precautions, monitoring the local rates, maintaining supplies at home in the event of illness and staying up to date on vaccines. I support all of this. We must be vigilant in protecting our own health. Yes, I said that.

It is our responsibility to protect our own health. For that reason, I do not support mask mandates. I support the right of individuals to decide for themselves and I support the right of business owners to make that choice for themselves and to maintain their business site as they see fit. Above all that, I urge each of you to be respectful of the choice of others. In the event you are unvaccinated and wish to learn more about your options, please call the Barton County Health Department at 620-793-1902 or speak to your own medical care provider.  

County Commissioner Kirby Krier