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School board member’s comments were out of line
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To the editor:

I was very dismayed and upset when I read in the Feb. 16 Tribune comments from USD 428 school board member Chris Umphres titled, “Umphres discusses battery, threats at school.” As a school board member, did he discuss his concerns with the school superintendent prior to his comments? I visited with Mr. Umphres this morning via phone and told him how upset I was over his actions. In his comments in the Tribune, in my opinion, he has greatly harmed USD 428 administrators and the two SROs (school resource officers) at the middle school and high school.

To the patrons in USD 428, you need to know the two secondary schools are very safe for students and staff. I substitute in these two schools almost daily. When you have around 850 students at the high school and around 500 students at the middle schools there are bound to be some problems between students. I have seen the principals and SRO in the halls prior to school, after school, and during passing times. I can guarantee that these administrators do not look the other way, but always have the safety of the students in mind.

Don Learned

Great Bend