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Schools are underfunded, just under-managed
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To the editor:

Schools are not underfunded. They are under-managed. It’s not about education anymore, it is about outdoing your neighbor. Stop the waste and there will not be a need for more money. They want $90 million but, they are doing you a big favor, they’re just going to ask for $45 million. Wow! They’re saving $45 million.

We just bought two buses that do nothing for education, they’re all about play. Now they want to build a bus barn to keep the buses in; the paint job on these buses cost more than a lot of houses. Fancy wants, not needs.

Every school has a digital sign with time and temp. Not needed for education, just wants. Waste, waste, waste. Stop the waste and get back to the basic education for the kids.

Education and safety are very important. Fancy and luxury are not for poor people struggling to make ends meet. It’s for rich people. But, the poor people struggling to survive are the ones paying for it.

Make no mistake when you give them the $45 million it won’t be the end of it. Within a very short time, there will be something else. There always is more; besides, look at the education benefit for the kids. They’ll learn a valuable lesson of living within your means. Could be some of the most valuable education of their life.

Administrators are not necessarily good budget people. They are professional spenders and when they spend all you give them, they’ll figure out something else they want.

Give them $100 million and I guarantee they’ll spend it. In a very short time, they’ll want more. That is what they do.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend