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Separate truth from misinformation
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To the editor:

It amazes me that with all the emphasis the government and media have put on wearing masks and becoming vaccinated, Biden opens our southern borders allowing thousands of illegal aliens to come to America without any background checks regarding health or criminal activity. A good portion of these people very possibly have health issues, including COVID-19. He then transports some of them to the interior of the United States by military transport. This seems to me to be the epitome of hypocrisy and lack of care, respect or concern for the American people.

I don’t believe that most Americans are stupid. I do believe that many Americans are intellectually lazy and want to be told what to do, think and believe. Most of all, we want to be told that everything is all right and the majority of our population will continue to enjoy the greatest standard of living of any country in the world.

Everything is not all right. Our country is crumbling. We have serious problems in our criminal justice, health care, education, welfare, and income tax systems; while there is corruption in our Congress, FBI and CIA. Substance abuse, sexual deviance and pornography are at all-time highs and growing each year. “Wokeness” is a bad joke that will kill us if we allow it to. Inflation is growing and will continue to grow as long as our federal government continues to spend and print new money like they have been doing. Our national debt is larger than our gross domestic product while our national annual expenditures are greater than our revenues each year adding to the national debt.

Greed, arrogance and complacency have put us where we are. We need to quit hiding behind whatever diverts us from realty; work at separating the truth from political rhetoric and misinformation, and elect public officials who truly care about America and the American people. And, we need to do it quickly.

Don McCullough