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Taxpayers should Google Medicaid expansion
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Dear editor,


How hard is it to Google “States struggle to pay for medicaid expansion?” Why are our legislators not researching the other 30 states who are having problems with this program? If you Google it you will get many options to read on the mess that belongs to those who jumped into the magic of Medicaid Expansion. You will see things like, “The increased cost of Medicaid Expansion will bring a combination of cutting spending on roads and schools, raising taxes, reducing benefits and cutting people off the program.”

Don’t take my word for it. Go Google it yourself. Why would Kansas want to jump off the same cliff these states have jumped off? Who is going to pay? How are they going to pay? Santa Claus is a myth and does not have elves in Topeka making money so legislators can spend on anything that sounds pretty.

Educate yourself on this issue and then go talk to your representative and senator and ask them what their magic plan is that is better than those who have already experienced the “financial disaster.” Those are words taken from these articles. Go read them ... Google for yourself.

Debra Weingartner