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Time change, more basketball and a musical along the way
At the Mike
At the Mike
So the time changed over the weekend. With all the technology now, it almost sneaks up on you without realizing it. So it seems to me.

So the time changed over the weekend. With all the technology now, it almost sneaks up on you without realizing it. So it seems to me.
Many people look at their phones for the time now. Those change on their own. As does your DVD player and some other electronics. No longer does one need to spend a good 15-30 minutes going around the house changing their clocks.
Although, the electronic ones you do need to change aren’t always that simple.
For myself, the microwave and stove were pretty harmless. I got those changed with ease. However, the stero in my wife vehicle will probably have the wrong time on it for the next six months or so. I have no idea how to change it. Bill Paden actually came over and changed it last time.
So for now, Crystal will just have to adjust the time in her head or be an hour early for everything.

Prep thoughts
It was no doubt a season to remember on the hardwood at Central Plains Highs School. Unbeaten boys’ and girls’ state titles. A combined 52-0 between them. That is mind-boggling. The Oilers matched Wichita Height’s 2011 accomplishment of having both teams go unbeaten.
It wasn’t just a pair of unbeaten seasons but really unchallenged seasons for the most part. Neither team had a game decided by single digits at the state tournament. That was pretty much the case all season long. The boys closest game this season was 9-point win over St. John. There was a 10-point win over Macksville and another 11-point win over St. John along the way.
For the girls, well, the Oilers won more games by more 50 points than they did less than 20 points. Central Plains has now won 84 straight games and are a staggering 129-1 in the last five season. That is 129-Ellinwood. The loss to Ellinwood in the final regular season game four years ago is the only blemish during that time.
But the Oilers girls’ aren’t done yet. With standout Emily Ryan just a sophomore, more wins, many more wins, are on the horizon.

Former Athlete/Coach update
One final update on some former coaches of Barton. Tony Hobson and the Fort Hays State women made it to the semifinals of the Central Region before having its season ended by Central Missouri, 66-59. The Tigers ended 26-7.
Jack Owens is still coaching after his Miami (Ohio) team was invited to the College Basketball Invitational . The Redhawks opened play last night at Campbell in the 16-team event. Owens, a former men’s assistant at Barton, is in his first year as a head coach in D-I basketball.

Around Barton
Kudos the cast and crew of Curtains, the musical recently completed at Barton. It was a very entertaining production, headed up by the Theatre Director at the college, Rick Abel. The New England Cowboy.
It was fun to watch. While all the characters did a fabulous job, I especially want to congratulate Madison Jones. She has been a friend of my daughter, Katelyn, since they were in seventh grade and it was fun to see her perform.
Also, how can one not like watching KB Bell in action. It’s like he has the theatre in his blood. Although in my mind KB will always be “Takin’ care of Business”. When I think of KB it is him singing the BTO song karaoke style.

And Finally
Kansas opens plays in the NCAA tournament this afternoon. That means I will need to plan accordingly as to where I watch these games. You see, I have troubles returning to any place the Jayhawks have had their season end in previous tournaments.
I can tell you just about every place I was when Kansas lost in the NCAA tournament for the past, geez, 30 years or so. Seldom have I returned to that place for another tournament game.
I have watched them lose at a handful of places in Great Bend, a few different venues in Glen Elder and several places in Hays. I have seen losses in Salina, Osage City, and even the airport in Kansas City once. No, I didn’t go the airport just to watch the game. Although had they won, I might have gone back .
This year round one will probably be on my computer at work. Don’t tell my boss. After that, well, the sunporch at Steve Webster’s house appears to be a leading candidate at this point although many of those tournament losses have come with Steve at my side.
But so have some great tournament wins. One year in his garage in Hays we got down the Christmas yard ornaments to help us out. Santa Clause and Frosty were plugged and lit up to spur on a rally. They made repeat appearances in years that followed.
I think his wife made him get rid of them in the last move, so they will not be able to help out this time if KU falls behind. Oh well, we will try to survive without them. Darn you Deb.
The crazy thing is, I’m really not that superstitious. Just during the NCAA Tournament.
Rock Chalk.

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