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Very practical for Great Bend to have vehicle speed signs
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To the editor:

I read the article in the Great Bend Tribune: “Another cop on duty” (May 20 issue). It told how two new digital readout signs arrived in Great Bend to remind drivers of their vehicle’s speed. Such signs are very helpful in school-zones and other areas where drivers may tend to get above stated speeds, whether intended or unintended.

The nice thing, as the article noted, 80% of drivers tend to slow down upon seeing such signs. It saves manpower and in this time of coronavirus, it frees up police officers for more important duties than approaching a wayward car driver and worrying about illness while checking a person’s driver’s license, insurance or writing a violation ticket. Hopefully drivers won’t abuse this turbulent time to “speed.”

This is a time to repair our nation and also protect the health of everybody. This virus is real, despite detractors. Now, is the time to drive safely – the Kansas way.

James A. Marples