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Al is certainly no pal
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If you got to the Wikipedia Internet encyclopedia, and if you look up Bill Clinton, you are told that he was the 42nd president and that he was in office from 1993 to 2001.
You will also learn that his vice president was Al “the pal” Gore.
Not Al Gore plus some other guy. Just Al.
So he was in office the same time as Clinton, 1993 to 2001.
Apparently in those halcyon days our nation had no issues with the economy, foreign terrorism and we certainly never faced any climate issues, because Al would have ripped off his Brooks Brothers suit and flown off into the stratosphere to save us.
No, the climate issue that has kept us being Gored all these years obviously flared up under the Republican administration that followed.
Sadly, Al is trumpeting now, the next Democrats aren’t doing nearly enough, either.
They have come under attack and President Obama is getting the worst of the tongue lashing, according to the Associated Press.
It reported this week that Al wrote a piece for Rolling Stone magazine that attacks the Obama administration for not making “the case for action.”
Hold it Al, old pal.
Your administration waltzed into a terrific environment compared to what the last two administrations have faced.
There are plenty of people who have concerns about stands taken by our current president, but you have to face the fact that he has a lot of his plate beyond Al’s climate concerns.
To attack the man at this point is unfortunate timing at the very best and it’s more likely political back stabbing.
Doubtless, Gore is not too connected with the fact, but the Obama administration is facing genuine double digit unemployment, out-of-control inflation, unprecedented federal debt, and military involvements that must be brought under control.
And on top of it, he has someone who didn’t tackle this problem until AFTER he was out of office, taking pot shots at him?
For shame, Al.
With pals like you, who needs Republicans?
— Chuck Smith