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Dog beaters are the lowest scum
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There’s nothing much lower than a person who would beat a dog.
A person who would intentionally single out a pooch for mistreatment is just about as low as you can get.
For one thing, you can be sure that someone who is cowardly enough and mean enough to beat on a dog can’t be trusted around women or children, or anyone else he figures he could get away with beating.
State officials are trying to find the responsible party for one beating, according to a recent Associated Press article.
“A Denver rescue group is working with a Topeka investigator to find out who left a badly beaten dog along a Kansas highway.
“Kansas Highway Patrol troopers found the purebred Mastiff, named Porsche, along U.S. 75 near Topeka.
“She was suffering from severe head injuries, leading troopers to believe she had been hit by a car.
“Georgia Cameron, vice president of Denver Animal Rescue, took the dog to Denver for treatment.
“Veterinarians there determined she had been beaten, likely with a baseball bat.
“Cameron said that a Topeka animal cruelty investigator has begun looking into the case.”
The good news is that Porsche is recovering and should be fine.
The bad news is that there is vermin out there who uses a ball bat on a dog.
When you know about this sort of thing, you need to turn the coward in to the cops.
Hopefully, that will happen in this case and we will learn that the responsible inhuman has been prosecuted.
We could suggest that he be turned over to the dog, but she’d probably just lick him and wag her tail.
Dogs are like that.
— Chuck Smith