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Don't keep this enemy close
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We seem to have a real problem with what should be basic concepts in this country.
For example — there’s the concept of the difference between “friends” and “enemies.”
True, it was Don Vito Corleone who said “keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer” and he may have meant it, but, let’s be honest. He was a fictional character, and there comes a time when we really shouldn’t be investing taxpayers’ dollars to keep our enemies at all.
It all came home to roost in Mo Town recently when a “performer” who turned terrorist came to trial.
According to the Associated Press report, “Syrian native Mohamad Masfaka uses the stage name Abu Ratib” and he is “accused of concealing ties to a terrorist group has pleaded guilty to making false statements during the U.S. naturalization process.”
He was part of a “terrorist group in 2001, saying it had provided money and support to Hamas.”
And this is how his current situation is described: “The U.S. attorney’s office says Masfaka likely faces 10 to 16 months in federal prison before being deported to Syria. He’ll be sentenced on Dec. 14. A message seeking comment was left for his lawyer.”
The part about kicking him out, dropping him off an Army transport or whatever in the Syrian desert, that all makes sense.
But why in the world should American taxpayers pay to support him for a year before hand?
Putting him up in a well-funded federal hotel, providing three hots and a cot, taxpayer funded college courses and who-knows what else?
No way.
Drop kick him back into his home-land by the cheapest route possible.
We are tired of paying for these enemies. There is nothing to be gained by keeping them close.
No offense, Don Corleone.
— Chuck Smith