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Ellsworth County holds the cards
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The most important decision in 2016 for Great Bend High School and Barton County is in the hands of Ellsworth County officials.
Ellsworth County Sheriff Tracy Ploutz and Ellsworth County attorney Joe Shepack will help determine the future for several high school students.
Ellsworth County law enforcement will conclude their investigation regarding suspected misconduct on a USD 428 school bus transporting high school swimmers in the coming weeks.
The troubling situation has garnered state-wide attention and shined a light on Great Bend High School and its administrative policies regarding misconduct, student privacy and the public’s interest in understanding what’s going on.
Once the investigation is finished by law enforcement, the Ellsworth County attorney will weigh the evidence and determine if any criminal charges will be filed.
These are restless days for everyone involved, whether it’s someone suspected of misconduct or someone who might have to testify in a possible court proceeding.
It’s especially tense times for Great Bend’s administration and teachers, who have performed their due diligence investigating the alleged incident.
Day-by-day, it’s a waiting game everyone will be paying attention that might take weeks to resolve.
Jim Misunas