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Get to prosecuting
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Well, they need to prosecute SOMEBODY!
That has been the response from much of America to the news that was epitomized by this statement in an Associated Press article this week: “A senior defense official says lawyers from across government agencies are studying whether it might be possible to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange under the Espionage Act.”
Just when it looked like there was no single figure out there who could so effectively drum up support for the Obama Administration, along come Julian the Jackel, Assange the Assassin, and now people who were calling for impeachment a week ago are pulling for the current administration, and even feel sorry for Hillary Clinton.
We’re worried that she looks tired.
It never fails, that the rest of the world just doesn’t get America.
We are at our best when things are at their worst.
If you want to draw us together, just attack us from the outside.
Well, Assange has done that.
But he didn’t do it alone.
In fact he didn’t do it without a whole lot of help, and America needs to get serious about addressing those who made it possible for this cyber-terrorist to strike at our nation.
The Obama Administration can build on its current of sympathy if it will get cracking, cracking down on security.
This is serious.
This ocean of information didn’t just turn up over night.
People in government positions are turning over sensitive material to our enemies and we need to start acting like it.
We need to start seeing some serious jail time, some incredible fines, some shattered careers, and if we don’t have the courts to carry this out, we need to seem some major changes there, too.
This is the modern equivelent to a knife in the dark, and America has stood by allowing it to happen for too long.
It’s time to act, Mr. President!
— Chuck Smith