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Go ahead, blow up the plane
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Thanks to ABC Television, anyone who wants to sneak weapons or other contraband onto an airplane in the United States knows just how to do it.
What is amazing is that the American people, who claim to have become so communication-savy thanks to the Internet and “social networking,” are still swallowing the obviously dangerous agenda that presents this sort of nonsense.
It all started when a Transportation Security Administration officer did what the officer was hired to do and attempted to insure that people who boarded a commercial flight in Kentucky did so without the risk of not arriving at their destination alive.
And in the process, a 6-year-old girl was “frisked.”
The TSA has already stated that nothing untoward happened to the little girl, but Todd Drexel isn’t having any of it. He’s offended. He’s posted a video that expresses his offense on the Internet and ABC saw to it that he had the bully pulpit of its morning show to tell the world. All of them are screaming at the TSA to promise that its officers will never, ever again suspect that a child could be used by its parents to smuggle contraband onto an airplane.
See where this is heading?
The child’s mother argued that, according to the Associate Press report, “such searches are inappropriate for children because they’re usually told not to let adults touch them in sensitive areas.”
Couldn’t the parents explain to the child that these people are working for the government to keep us safe?
Surely a 6-year-old can understand that.
Perhaps if she is too young to understand the concept, she is too young to fly at all.
Or perhaps if it is too much of a struggle for mom and dad to educate their own child, they may have bigger problems than whether the TSA agents do their job or not.
You don’t have to be all that devious to realize that a great way to get contraband anywhere would be to use a child. So what is the TSA supposed to do? Ask a 6-year-old: Is mommy or daddy getting you to help them attack America?
Come on!
These parents are like the people on a flight who complain when they are held up for half an hour because of a security issue with their plane, never considering that if there is a problem it’s a lot better to find it out on the tarmac than it is at 20,000 feet.
No one wants to see a child groped, but let’s be fair here. That is NOT what has been suggested.
If the parents and ABC did their jobs as well as the TSA does its, we’d all be a lot better off.
— Chuck Smith