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Governor candidate to push Brownback
A true challenger
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Timing is everything.
House Minority Leader Paul Davis picked a perfect time to challenge incumbent Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.
Brownback’s perceived lack of support for education has educators firmly behind Davis, who visited Great Bend last week.
Most educators agree with Davis’ idea to postpone the next phase of income tax cuts until education funding reaches the level it was before the 2008 recession.
“Kansans believe we have a moral obligation to give our children the very best public school education that we can possibly give them,” said Davis. “This moral commitment we have to our schools and our children is part of our state history. It runs in our blood.”
Davis wants to postpone scheduled additional income tax cuts. Kansas spent $350 million more than it gathered in revenues in the just-completed fiscal year.
He presents a stark contrast to Gov. Sam Brownback’s theory that recent income tax cuts would help energize the state’s economy. Instead, Kansas companies apparently have chosen to focus on profit rather than business expansion.
It is clear that Davis is moderate enough to appeal to Republican voters.
He believes in a simple economic philosophy of long-term growth. His economic vision supports strong schools and universities, well-maintained highways, and prudent energy and technology policies as building blocks.
Republican Gov. Sam Brownback bet on a series of tax cuts that has cost the state enough revenue to create a looming financial crisis.
The shift to the right has split the Republican-controlled legislature. Some moderate Republicans have been targeted in primaries by their own party.
It is not too late for Brownback to stem the momentum and refocus his strategy. That doesn’t appear to be happening. If anything, Brownback appears to be committed to implementing more tax cuts.
One thing is clear — Brownback is fighting for his political career.
Voters will have a choice in November.

Jim Misunas