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Hot can turn to deadly
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It was a tragic reminder this past week.
We all know it’s been hot, even dangerously hot.
We have heard that the heat has caused deaths, and we learned this past week that it’s impacting our pets, too.
According to the Associated Press reports, “Salina officials say one of the department’s dogs died because of the extreme heat.
“The department said in a news release Wednesday that the dog’s trainer found it dead July 19. The dog was in a kennel designed to protect it from the weather and had access to water.
“A necropsy performed on the dog confirmed its death was heat related.
“City Manager Jason Gage says the dog was young and healthy and investigators are trying to find a factor that might have contributed to the death.”
It’s not like this dog was staked out without shade or water.
He’d been treated well and still got sick and died.
While we all need to also be concerned during this deadly weather for the welfare of the elderly, the poor, and others who may not get enough of a break from the heat, we also need to be aware of its impact on pets.
Day after day of triple-digit heat, with no end in sight, is dangerous, and we need to take precautions, for ourselves, for our kids, for our elderly and for our pets.
For all involved, it is important that there is access to shade, to breeze and to plenty of water.
Whether it is someone in a home without adequate air conditioning or a pet in the back yard, the need is similar. To remain healthy they are going to need shade, breeze and water.
When that is not available, the 100-plus weather will take its toll — just as it did this past week.
— Chuck Smith