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It's gonna be a long wait
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Kenny Nguyen is really hoping that a bunch of people will come back and pay him for his under-priced gas.
In Los Angeles this week, a computer mistake allowed people to buy gas for $1.10 per gallon for — um, right about $21,000 worth.
This was Sunday and before you know it, there were lines all around the gas station.
Cops were even called in to control the traffic.
And yet, it took about four hours for 7,000 gallons of premium gas to get pumped out before the convenience store clerk paid attention and realized there was a discount of more than $3 per gallon on the gas.
So, the real price was well over $4 per gallon.
And they hope to have people just donate money to make up the difference.
And we would really like to get sirloin for 99 cents a pound again, or a pair of jeans for 10 bucks, or a paperback book for 75 cents, or a Coke for a dime.
Yep, there are all sorts of things we’d all like.
For instance, we’d like the federal authorities to count real commodities when they figure inflation. Food. Housing. Fuel. Medical costs. That way when they are determining the inflation factor they can consider the same things working class Americans spend their money on — you know, food, housing, fuel, medical costs ...
We would love to have politicians who would value the tax burden on American taxpayers and who would make real changes that would downsize government and save us a ton of money.
Kenny Nguyen is hoping all those drivers will return and “pay the real price,” according to the Associated Press.
Meanwhile, taxpayers are hoping they can find politicians who are just as honest.
Wonder who will see results first?
— Chuck Smith