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It's time to get involved
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There’s a week and a half left to get involved in local government and the price is right, too.
This spring there will be elections for school boards, city councils, college trustees and the Ellinwood hospital board.
Anyone who is interested has until noon on Jan. 25 and the cost is only $5 to $10, so it’s not like you have the sort of expenses that we read about in the national elections.
There is still a chance to make a difference, however, even if it is on the local level.
This is where the decision making begins and our communities would be better off if more citizens would get involved.
Over the years, it seems like we see a burst of interest in local offices when there is some scandal or a major conflict.
Well, it would be refreshing for once to see the community get active, just because our local citizens want to be part of the answer.
We hear regularly about the problems — from the talking heads, from political activists, even from “comedians.”
Now, here is a chance to do something about it.
Contact the County Clerk’s Office or your city clerk to get involved.
It’s time for more of us to make a difference.
— Chuck Smith