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Judge deserves a pat on the back
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America needs to let Wisconsin Judge Rudolph Randa know that we appreciate him, even if the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago doesn’t.
And we ought to be seriously looking in to whether the appeals court needs to be restaffed. Seriously, it looks like recall time.
Here’s the deal.
Randa had sentenced Jose Figueroa to 20 years for conspiracy to deal drugs.
It was suggested that there should be leniency, because the drug dealer is concerned for his family, to which the judge replied, “Hitler was admired by his family, loved his dog. Yet he killed 6 million Jews.”
And he added that the drug dealer could be executed in parts of the world for what he was convicted of in Wisconsin.
Sounds like reasonable statements.
This was the sentencing, for crying out loud, not the first appearance.
Figueroa was guilty.
Guilty of helping to pump poison into our society.
This is NOT a victimless crime here.
It is high time that we start to let these parasites know that we are tired to the damage they have done to our society.
It also sounds like Judge Randa was, if anything, being kind to this criminal.
On the other hand, hopefully there are some judicial officials looking into what is wrong with the appeals court.
— Chuck Smith