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Just clean up after yourselves
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Protest what ever you want, just don’t break the law. And if you do break the law, take your arrest like a man and pay the consequences. If you don’t want to pay the consequences, then don’t break the law. But don’t inconvenience the rest of us in the process.
Which part of that is so difficult to understand?
What those of us who are still keeping full-time jobs are sick of, is people who consider themselves “protestors” gumming up the works, and that is why you all need to follow the rules.
Recent updates on the protestation hobby note:
“Police urged the two dozen or so protesters in Colorado Springs to get permits that would allow them to set up tents to keep their supplies — as long as they don’t try to sleep in them.
“If the protesters don’t comply or the permits aren’t approved, they’ll have to come down. Several people who have not complied have been given written warnings, and one person was arrested early Tuesday.”
That seems pretty simple.
If you are going to “protest” then follow the rules.
Is that so much to ask?
We’re even willing to work with you, as was seen this week in Indiana, as the Associated Press reported. “Police in Fort Wayne told protesters they could remain in Headwaters Park for at least a few more days if they stay peaceful and follow rules.”
And in Nebraska: “Authorities in Lincoln said a camp set up near the state capitol is legal because it’s in a public right-of-way, not in a park. About two dozen tents went up last weekend along Centennial Mall in what organizers said would be a long-term protest.”
Long term, short term — who cares? Just follow the rules!
See, this really isn’t hard to understand.
Thanks to the investment that other generations have made into this nation, you all can protest or camp out or gather to your hearts’ content.
Just do it without impeding taxpayers using the parks, without keeping the traffic from moving and without causing undue stress on our services.
We don’t need a mess made out of the parks or the traffic ways while you gather with your celebrities.
We’ve still got jobs that we need to get to. We’re still responsible for our kids and we need to get them to school, to the park, to the grocery store so they can have supper tonight.
These are the issues we are concerned about and trust us, you don’t want to experience the “protest” that is likely if to start messing with those priorities.
Have a good time.
— Chuck Smith