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Let the people do their job
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Andrea Abbott, 41, and her 14-year-old daughter were supposed to fly out of Nashville earlier this summer.
Instead they stayed on to make national news.
Abbott refused a security body scan and also refused to allow a pat-down, both for herself and her daughter.
According to the security officials, Abbott eventually agreed to her daughter being screened and then she walked off, refusing to cooperate.
She ended up being arrested and the police maintain she was “belligerent,” according to the Associated Press.
A person getting belligerent in an airport line. Or a grocery store line. Or a recreation ball game that doesn’t start and stop exactly when they believe it ought. Or anywhere else in all of creation where they are not constantly and publicly placed in the very center of the universe with all pomp and decorum.
Abbott, in addition to getting national publicity has, of course, also gotten legal counsel and he maintains she has done nothing wrong.
Who knows?
Maybe he’s right.
Maybe it is everyone else who submits to security checks who are doing something wrong.
Or maybe all of the lines, from those at the airport to those are the grocery store, would move more smoothly if Andrea and her friends would just let the professionals do their jobs.
According to the AP, her attorney “said she simply exercised her First Amendment rights in telling airport officials why she disagreed with them.”
Put it in a letter, Andrea and let the line keep moving when you’re at the airport.
— Chuck Smith