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Panther quarterback misses opportunity
Poor example
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Sadly, the new-age attitude and persona that Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton brought to the table failed miserably in Super Bowl 50.
The Most Valuable Player in the National Football League Newton had everything going his way.
He dominated the 2015-2016 NFL season statistically, accounting for 50 touchdowns and dancing every step along the way. He brought joy with his enthusiasm for the game and lifted his teammates to a higher level of play.
He proclaimed himself as unique with special talent that some had never seen. He delivered footballs to children after the Panthers scored touchdowns.
However, one thing he hadn’t learned (yet) is how to handle adversity.
When the Denver Broncos delivered a steady dose of defensive attitude, Newton had no answers.
He fumbled twice and given the chance to recover one of his mistakes, he cowardly backed off and elected to not try to recover the football. The game-defining turnovers were converted into the Broncos’ two touchdowns in a 24-10 victory.
It got worse for Newton following the game.
There were dozens of skilled journalists trying to do their job asking Newton questions about the Super Bowl 50.
Newton displayed his best pouty face and reacted like a child rather a highly-paid multi-millionaire professional. After briefly dismissing a few questions with one-word answers, Newton cowardly left the stage rather than facing more questions.
Newton’s example was the definition of what not to do. He let himself, his teammates and the Carolina Panthers down.
It’s too bad he was a poor sport and a whiny loser.
He badly missed an opportunity to show everyone that he was a classy runner-up.    

Jim Misunas