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Fair offers a variety of attractions
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With the Barton County Fair in full swing, it’s worth your time to visit the Great Bend Expo Complex and enjoy the experience.
Some folks only think of the fair as one thing, and miss at least half of the fun.
There are people who only want to enjoy the carnival rides or taste unusual foods, and maybe take in a concert. Perhaps they will pop into Expo I, where the commercial exhibits are, to look for a bargain or to register for a prize.
They may be perplexed by the display of livestock in Expo III or the exhibits in Expo II. To some people, the collection of home-grown vegetables, homemade treats, photography and woodworking projects may seem like a bizarre farmers market/art gallery combo where the produce isn’t for sale.

Others may bypass the carnival area, assuming the fair is all about what’s inside. Funnel cakes just aren’t their thing.
In fact, the fair is a great place to enjoy your favorite summer traditions and it is also a gateway to new experiences.

The 4-H and Open Class exhibits represent the work of our neighbors and their children, who have been busy growing, tending, cooking and creating. They also represent scores of volunteers who have been teaching these skills or working to make the fair an enjoyable experience. The animal shows — from poultry and bunnies to cattle and other livestock, represent a lot of hard work. Before they award ribbons, judges talk to the exhibitors and provide more education and insight into the standard of excellence against which entries are compared. For the shows in the arena in particular, audience members can listen as the judges explain some aspects of husbandry. This is where city slickers can learn the difference between a cow and a heifer, and where youths sometimes learn the difference between pets and market animals.
So much to do, and only a couple of days left. Be sure to visit the fair — and do more than one thing.