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Speed bump: Time to slooow down
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The first day of school is just 10 days away, which means it’s not too early to remind motorists to slow down.
Drivers need to use caution year-round. Young people are out and about, riding their bikes to the aquatic center, zoo or library. Some can even be found in school zones.
Soon school buses will be added to the mix. School-age pedestrians are most at risk during school arrival and dismissal times. Motorists should know and obey traffic laws in regard to school zones and school buses. They must also stop for pedestrians in crosswalks — and crosswalks exist at all intersections, even if they’re unmarked.
Parents should teach their children some safety rules. Look both ways before crossing a street, use the crosswalk and don’t dart out from between cars.
In Great Bend, the kids seem to follow the rules better than some parents. Remember: Don’t double park or park anywhere that is prohibited, avoid distractions and stay off the cell phone while driving (or while walking across a street, for that matter), don’t set a bad example for kids by ignoring the crosswalk and ... again ... slow down.