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Stop beating around the bush
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We need to stop beating around the bush and decide what sort of a society we want to craft in this place and time, because our culture will be influenced by someone. Wheat it will NOT do is stand pat.
If we want our culture to be more supportive of traditional family values, we have to act like it.
Like him or not, Gov. Sam Brownback is at least trying to accomplish that. If you don’t like that, fine. Take your best shot. But don’t pretend that there’s not an issue, that there’s not pressure to move us away from traditional values.
The state has been considering whether it has policies that discourage young Kansans from getting married and, according to the Associated Press, it appears they may exist.
“The report looked at eligibility requirements for 36 state benefit programs, including temporary assistance and veteran programs. It found that 29 areas did have income criteria that had the potential to discourage marriage.
“However, during questioning of program staff and clients, auditors learned there was little information as to whether eligibility for services actually caused people to avoid getting married.
“The audit is the first legislative report to look at marriage since Republican Gov. Sam Brownback took office in January. As part of his administration’s focus on reducing poverty, the conservative former U.S. senator has put an emphasis on encouraging more marriages in Kansas and fewer divorces and cohabitations.
“Supporters argue that creating family stability reduces poverty and increases earning potential of Kansas residents. Opponents of the governor’s plan question the focus on social issues and religious overtones of the message, including intent to increase faith-based initiatives.”
This appears to be the usual argument.
“You know, there are religious overtones to this effort.”
Well, yeah.
It’s rather difficult to address traditional, family values without getting “religious overtones” involved. As long as Brownback doesn’t start telling you which church to attend, what’s the big deal?
Let’s get off the fence, Kansas.
We either want family values or we don’t.
If we do, let’s get behind this effort and determine where we have fallen down.
Look around. What’s been allowed in the past generation or so certainly hasn’t worked.
Those of us who want to support traditional values need to get on board and make it clear that we want to see a change. Let the governor know he’s got support out here and stop shying away because someone suggests we might be getting too religious.
We’ve tried the alternative and it hasn’t worked out so hot.
— Chuck Smith